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Choosing an RC Car

How to Choose an RC Car that's Right for You!

Questions to consider when you are buying an RC Car!

Where will you drive it?

You will need to consider carefully where you plan to use your RC Car. For example On or Off Road. If you are going to be driving in Off Road conditions you will also need to think about the type of terrain your Off Road conditions will present you with. i.e. Grass, Dirt, Clay, Sand, Stones, Rocks etc. Some terrain will require an RC Vehicle with a higher ground clearance than others so it is worth doing your research before you invest in your new RC Car.

Will you want to race it at your local club track or just have fun in fields and local parks?

If you are thinking about getting into competition racing there are many classes for different types of RC Vehicles available so you need to visit your local clubs and tracks and get a feel for what you think you will enjoy. I personally Race the Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKi4 Nitro Buggy which is 1/8th Scale Rally Cross and a very popular and exciting race class, but for the total beginner can be very daunting and you may find you will need some guidance. 

Please feel free to call into the shop if you would like to find out more about this class of racing. We specialise in this and have all the equipment that is used available to show you. Our YouTube Channel has also got some very useful videos covering 1/8 Nitro Buggy Racing and will help you understand more about what is involved. Please subscribe. 

If you are looking for the fun and excitement of Fast RC Cars that you can simply take out of the box, charge the batteries and drive, then you are looking at the wide Range of Traxxas RC Cars that we have available. There is a huge selection of On and Off Road RC Cars to choose from so you might need a little extra help weighing up your options. If you do, just get yourself down to the shop as we are here to help you make that decision.

Is it going to be your first RC Car?

You need to take careful consideration if you are looking at buying a Nitro RC Car as they are much more involved than the Electric RC Cars. Engine break in is very important to the life of your product and if you are impatient and want to rush things you will come into problems unless you are already experienced with these types of RC Vehicle.

Don't be fooled into thinking the Electric RC Cars are slower than the Nitro RC Cars because these days they are not, and in some cases are actually a whole lot faster. The Traxxas Brushed RC Cars are capable of Speeds up to 35+ mph and the Brushless VXL versions can be anything up to 65+ mph. The XO-1 has 100+ mph. 

Keep in mind though, the faster they go, the more wear and tear you get, which will increase the need for a stricter maintenance and repairs schedule if you want to look after your RC Vehicle properly. The also crash harder at higher speeds. Don't expect an indestructible RC Car. 

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